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A smart business turnaround

No two business turnarounds are the same, but there are common characteristics that can improve your chances of success.


Focus : You need to have a clear plan. It needs to be easy to explain to your employees, bank, suppliers, and creditors. If it’s hard to explain, then it’s probably too complex and people just won’t get it.

Decisiveness : Once you have a plan, get on with it. Don’t delay, there’s no time for dithering. You need strong affirmative action.

Measure it : You do need to measure your progress as this helps to build momentum and carries you through the tougher times.

Refine : Everything won't go to plan so make sure that you adapt your tactics to address this in order to reduce the risk of failure.

Stay flexible : You have to embrace plan A, but also keep a plan B in your bottom draw. Not only does it give you options, but it gives balance to tactical decisions.

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Stephen Moon, Director, Venturn Ltd

"Business Turnaround Retaining Control" a joint event with Venturn, Bibby Financial Services and Smith Partnership

September 8th, 7:45am Marriot Hotel, Leicester – adjacent the M1 junction 21


Venturn, The Smith Partnership, and Bibby Financial Services are hosting a breakfast meeting to tackle the topical area of Business Turnaround and how we can help your clients retain control of these situations.

Stephen Moon of Venturn, David Webb of Bibby Financial Services and Rachel McCahill-Brown of Smith Partnership will explore the issues and risks surrounding business turnaround. They will share their experiences and thoughts on how to help businesses retain control in these difficult and uncertain times.

The event will commence at 7.45am where guests will be treated to breakfast followed by an informative panel discussion and the opportunity to share experiences and network.

Places are limited so we would encourage you to book early.

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