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Get your Organisation
chart right.

Too many organisations don't get the organisation structure right. In our experience, you need to make sure that people understand their roles & responsibilities. Also, everyone needs to understand the difference between Accountability and Responsibilty as this is the key to unlocking the potential in any organisation. Ignoring these and letting problems in your team remain unchecked, perpetuates underperformance.

Every organisation needs to constantly review itself, and ensure that people know what's expected from them.

Venturn deliver a Growth out of Recession Workshop in association with the SEEDA Innovation and Growth Team
January 20th 2010.

Stephen Moon, Director of Venturn, ran a workshop to discuss funding during these difficult times, growing your business out of the recession, and gave his top tips on running your business. During the workshop, he outlined his thoughts on how to develop a results driven marketing plan and delegates were invited to develop their own plans for a number of case studies.

This event is being repeated in Milton Keynes on 26th April 2010. For more details click here.

Venturn move office into Birmingham.

Venturn have decided to move from their Leicester office into Birmingham. This move has been driven by an increasing network of relationships within Birmingham. The move takes us to 43 Temple Row at the heart of the business district.

We look forward to seeing you there !

Stephen Moon