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HMRC Top Tips on dealing with Time To Pay cash
flow issues

It has to be said that dealing with HMRC is a fairly mixed and random experience. However, there are some things that can be done to make things more predictable and therefore retain control.

Tip 1 : You need to have a clear plan. Find out who you are talking to, get there name, telephone number, and then write to them confirming the content of the conversation and also what you agreed.

Tip 2 : You must talk fluently about your business issues and ensure that the story stacks up.

Tip 3 : You must make them an offer. You should have your proposed payment plan ready and you need to be sure that you can stick to it.

Tip 4 : Underpin your proposed payment plan with a cash flow forecast.

Tip 5 : If you can't meet your agreed payment plan, tell them and start the process again.

Tip 6 : Always submit your PAYE/NI and VAT returns.


Stephen Moon, Director, Venturn Ltd

Venturn new website, and twitter feeds

Our new website launched in July, and so far we are very pleased with the results. We've seen a sharpe increase in traffic and a rise in the search engines.

In the last few weeks, we've supplemented our website with an online presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Like most things, it's a voyage of discovery but so far it's turned out to not only interesting and informative, but also fun and addictive. We've already had a number of contacts through Twitter and increase our number of followers to 73.