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Venturn Save My Business.

If your business is struggling and you are working all hours and getting deeper into difficulty, we have the skills to help you turn things round.

When people contact us and say "save my business" we know that we can usually help them. The owner of a business may at this stage be at the end of their tether, and unable to see the wood from the trees because of the pressure and stress they are experiencing. When we come on the scene of a "save my business" situation, there will usually be three things on our minds to look at: Money, Time and Management.

"When we come on the scene of a 'save my business' situation, there will usually be three things on our minds to look at: Money, Time and Management."

Money Is Tight

When a business owner says "save my business" to us, money is usually tight by that stage. There may not even be enough in the bank to pay the staff at the end of the week or the month. Funders who have their hard-earned money tied up in the business may be aware of problems in the company or the industry as a whole. Because of this, they may want to pull their money out of the firm as they may think that they will not be seeing a return on their investment and may lose their original stake as well. The banks may be calling in their loans to the company, perhaps because of a downturn in the economy.

Time Is Running Out
Time is usually running fast out in a "save my business" situation. Creditors may be putting tremendous pressure on the company for the payment of debts they are owed. Court appearances may be scheduled or happening at the request of creditors who want their money. It may not be possible for the company to pay its suppliers and staff, and so many may walk away, leaving the firm under enormous pressure.

Management Under Pressure
The management of the company may not be effective. Sales may not be happening so that vital contracts, which the firm would normally win easily, are being snapped up by the competition. Instead of driving the business forward, the directors of the company may be pre-occupied with financial problems in the business and fighting among each other over dwindling budgets and departing staff. Things are often at this stage when the managing director or chairman says "save my business" and calls us in.

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